Expertflute 64″ x 65″ Asitrade Laminator

Expertflute 64″ x 65″ Asitrade Singleface-Laminator (click once to enlarge)

The Expertflute 64” x 65” Asitrade Singleface-Laminator is the first of our two Asitrade Singleface-Laminators. The Expertflute is a high performance sheet to web laminator that can produce up to 10’000 high quality sheets/hour. The Expertfold is equipped with Bobst GaPro-IV adhesive metering system for precision adhesive application and economy. The Expertfold offers a wide range sheet sizes in B, E, F and N flute.


  • Mechanical Speed – 500 FPM
  • Flutes – B, E, F, N
  • Performance – 10,000 sheets/ hour
  • Sheet Size Maximum – 64” x 65”
  • Sheet Minimum – 23” x 23”   *smaller upon request