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ISO 9001:2015

Magazine BoxPackrite offers our customers a full range of innovative packaging solutions from singleface-lamination to folding carton, blister cards, our Digi-Rite® and Aqua-Rite® sheets and much more.

Our product lines include:

  • Inline Double-Side Printed sheets
  • Fluting with top sheet provided C, B, E, F and N flute
  • Fluting with top sheet C, B, E, F and N flute
  • Triple bleached N flute is a readily available alternative or replacement for hard to get 26 and 28 pt SBS. Our triple bleached N flute is a competitively priced alternative and offers the same finishing and structural characteristics as 26-28 pt SBS.
  • Paperboard packaging specializing in large format diecutting, folding & gluing, and windowing


Finishing Capabilities (print)

To further enhance the Consumer Experience we offer these additional specialty finishing capabilities.

  • Embossing
  • Foil Leaf Embossing
  • Film Lamination
  • Handle Insertion
  • Soft Touch


Reinforcing Capabilities (structural)

We offer these reinforcing enhancement applications to make your packaging stronger, more convenient and easier to use.

  • Persson Handles
  • Tear Tape
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Reinforcing Tape
  • Sesame Tape


Packrite Koozies samplesSingleface-Lamination

Packrite is the leading supplier of singleface-lamination products in the United States.
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DigiRite® and AquaRite® Sheets (indoor and outdoor signage)

Packrite’s patented DigiRite and AquaRite brand sheets are specifically engineered to meet the quality and performance requirements of the indoor and outdoor signage markets.
Learn more about DigiRite and AquaRite Sheets


SealRite® Fluted Blister Cards

As a stand-alone product, or a combination solution, SealRite Fluted Blister Cards offer a superior means to protect and promote your products.
Learn more about Fluted Blister Cards


Large and Oversize Folding Boxes

Folding box products serve a spectrum of markets from food to software, to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and more. Many manufactures lack the capabilities to produce large or oversize folding boxes. Our precision equipment has the cut, fold and glue from small to large!
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Windowed Boxes and Cartons

The perfect way to give potential customers a clear view of your product while protecting it from outside contaminates and conditions.
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