A New Generation in fluted & folding paper packaging

Packrite  is the leading supplier of singleface-lamination products in United States. We offer our customers a full range of high quality flute types including C, B, E, F and N flutes.

microflute1Singleface-lamination corrugated is produced by laminating a top sheet that is usually printed, along with a plain bottom sheet, onto a corrugated (fluted) medium, known as C, B, E, F, and N. Singleface-Lamination board exhibits the rigidity of corrugated board, but has the appearance and feel of paperboard. Different flutes also can be combined for improved strength while maintaining a smooth surface for high-end printing requirements.

Singleface-Lamination Benefits

  • Lighter and Stronger than solid fibre containerboard
  • Superior print/aesthetic characteristics with virtually no ‘fluting’ on print surface
  • Reduced material usage (less fibre consumed)