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ISO 9001:2015

Specialty Add-Ons

Imagine an enhancement you could offer your customers that none of your competitors can produce.
Packrite offers a variety of specialty add-ons bringing you new and profitable offerings.
  • Environmentally and user friendly Perrson Handles
  • Literature insertion
  • CDs and DVDs insertion
  • Self-adhesive Sesame® tape
  • Heat-activated Sesame® tape
  • Tear tape
  • Double-sided tape

All added in-line during production on our Asitrades or folder-gluers for total flexibility and cost control.

Persson Handle Application

Efficient single pass folding, gluing and handle insertion. No second operation necessary.

Repalcing plastic handles, paper handles are better for the environment, provide a comfortable grip and enhance the customer experience. Combining ease of application and shopper convenience drives sales and an improved bottom line.

Perrson handle for corrugated containers

Sesame® & Tear Tape

Inline Sesame tape application creates easy-to-open retail and shelf ready packaging solutions, allowing for a clean tear with the one or two-tape application. Unlike perforation openings, Sesame tape maintains the packaging's integrity and does not compromise its compression strength. The most cost-effective application for a shipper to display box with a clean edge opening. 

Self-mailer envelope with full size clear film pocket window.

Pressure Tape

Ideal for any packaging application requiring quick, easy sealing such as self-mailers and return envelopes.

Self-mailer envelope with full size clear film pocket window.