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High Point, NC 27260

ISO 9001 Business Systems Certification

ISO 9001:2015

Quality, a Top-Focus Team Effort

At Packrite quality management is not simply a function of the Quality Department. Every Packrite team member from Sales through Production is responsible for continually monitoring and maintaining the quality of their operation and ultimately the finished quality of the customers’ product.

Management, Quality and operators working together to ensure product quality

Quality Lab

Packrite maintains a state-of-the-art quality lab staffed with certified Quality Technicians. Our technicians are responsible for testing and measuring materials and finished products to ensure they meet specifications, analyzing data, generating quality reports, and maintaining quality records for all materials and products.

In addition to an array of calibrated hand measuring devices, our quality lab includes equipment for,

  • Sutherland 2000 Rub Tester for testing the durability of coated materials
  • Stratix Xaminer Elite barcode scanning testers to ensure accuracy and readability of printed barcodes
  • Instron Frame for testing opening force, compression and handle strength, tensile strength, Edge Crush (ECT), and dry pin testing
  • Thwing-Albert Score Bend Tester for testing score foldability
  • Alloyd Blister Seal machine
  • Many other devices and processes for ensuring that our customers’ products meet their quality expectations and specifications
Barcode scanning tester to verify accuracy and readability of printed barcodes

Stratix Xaminer Elite
Barcode Tester

Sutherland 2000 rub tester for testing coating durability

Sutherland 2000 Rub Tester

Instron Frame Testing device

Instron Frame

Continual Quality Management

Every customer order must pass a multi-level inspection at the start-up of each process to ensure the finished product meets the customer specifications. The process includes initial inspection by the machine/process operator followed by final inspection and approval by the Quality Department representative prior to commencing the production run.

Throughout the production run operating crews continually monitor product quality to ensure compliance with the customers’ specifications while Quality department representatives make roaming visits to ensure quality compliance throughout the production process.


Packrite maintains numerous quality related certifications including FSC, SCI and ISO 9001:2015 certification.