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Bobst Expertfold 230


Bobst Masterfold 230 (90 x 63″) folder-gluer with 4 and 6 corner capabilities (click once to enlarge)

Packrite’s Bobst Expertfold 230 features a massive 90” (2.3 M) sheet width to allow the folding of large boxes and trays. The 230 includes the Accufeed blank aligning device, the Polyvalent pre-breaking module, and the Combi one and two sections before the final folding section. Packrite’s 230 also features the first of its kind extended compression unit which provides extra drying time for difficult to glue packaging.

This unique level of folder-gluer technology enables Packrite to create the widest variety of trays, internal and multi-position dividers, 4 and 6 corner boxes, automatic bottom cartons and many other specialty items.

The Expertfold 230 features ‘Auto Ejection’ of non-conforming cartons. This automated quality control feature guarantees virtually 100% quality folded boxes are delivered to our customers.


  • Efficient, high performance, quick setup for short or long production runs
  • Unequaled productivity and superb versatility
  • 4 corner, 6 corner and crash-lock capabilities
  • Extended compression unit for maximum bonding even on difficult to glue cartons substrates
  • ACCUEJECT ‘Auto-Ejection’ of out of non-conforming or spec folded cartons
  • Three types of glue guns for maximum gluing options and capabilities


  • Sheet Size: 11 1/2 – 90.5 wide x 7 1/2 – 63
  • Board: 20 point – EB double wall
  • Handle & hard window applicator


Packrite Expertfold 230 features Persson in-line handle application capabilities.

Efficient single pass folding, gluing and handle insertion. No second operation necessary.

Perrson handle for corrugated containers