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ThicknessSheet SizeMinimumHalf TruckFull Truck
2mm (E-Flute)24 x 24"25203276065520
2mm (E-Flute)18 x 28"25202772056700
2mm (E-Flute)87 x 48"63037808190

ThicknessSheet SizeMinimumHalf TruckFull Truck
3mm (B-Flute)24 x 24"14003640072800
3mm (B-Flute)18 x 28"14003150063000
3mm (B-Flute)87 x 48"35045509100

ThicknessSheet SizeMinimumHalf TruckFull Truck
4mm (C-Flute)18 X 28"10802430048600
4mm (C-Flute)24 x 2410802808056160
4mm (C-Flute)28 X 18"10802808056160
4mm (C-Flute)72 x 54"27021604320
4mm (C-Flute)87 x 48"27035107020

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